Young Man Repairs Homeless Shelter for Eagle Project

When he heard about the Sunday Breakfast Mission and the homeless shelter’s need for some repair work, Scout Ben M. knew that he’d found the right Eagle Scout project.

Young Man Repairs Homeless Shelter for Eagle Project
Ben repaired a homeless shelter. (photo: Karie Simmons, Newark Post)

Ben, who is a Scout in the Boy Scouts of America Del-Mar-Va Council, had been looking for an Eagle Scout project that would be close to his heart, and the needs of the homeless shelter truly resonated with him.

“When I heard about it, it kind of hit home,” he said.

In fact, a few members of Ben’s own family had been homeless at a point in their lives, and by doing work at the homeless shelter, he would be helping to give back.

The Sunday Breakfast Mission serves approximately 280 homeless men, women and children. It provides meals, shelter, and support for low-income families, helping them to get back on their feet.

The men’s dormitory at the homeless shelter was in need of repair to some of its facilities, and Ben developed a plan, gathered donations and supplies, and organized volunteers to complete the work.

With nearly 40 volunteers from his family, friends, and fellow troop members, Ben was able to complete the work in three days.

“While we were working, some of the men came up to us and thanked us and said ‘God bless you’ and things like that,” he said. “So it just shows the smaller things you can do can really mean a lot to the people who need it.”

To learn more about Ben’s Eagle Scout project, be sure to read the full article in the Newark Post.

To learn more about the positive impact that Scouting can have on young people like Ben, be sure to check out this article on the recent Tufts study, and watch this video:


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