United States District Court Rules in Favor of Boy Scouts of America, Grants BSA Motion for Summary Judgment in Trademark Infringement Case Brought By GSUSA

Statement of the Boy Scouts of America

We are pleased that the court has vindicated the BSA’s position and summarily rejected all claims of the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), observing that “In truth, Girl Scouts’ complaint is based, not on concern for trademark confusion, but on fear for their competitive position in a market with gender neutral options for scouting” (opinion, p. 21).

The BSA believes that there are many excellent options for parents and young people to develop character and leadership, including both the BSA and GSUSA.  We support the right of families and girls to make their own choice of youth development organizations that work best for them.

The BSA is thrilled that since we began offering girls the opportunity to fully participate in our programs in 2019, over 305,000 girls are currently enrolled and more than 2,200 young women have already earned the highest rank of Eagle Scout.  We celebrate the achievements of these girls and young women.  The BSA looks forward to welcoming more girls into our positive, life changing programs.