Scouting Strengthens Family Bond Across Three Generations

New Eagle Scout Carl T., between his father and grandfather, also Eagle Scouts. (Photo credit: The Daily Gazette)

Although separated by decades in age, three Eagle Scouts from the Twin Rivers Council are proving age is but a number for a family with a close-knit bond like theirs. The common thread that holds them together? Scouting, of course.

Scouting has always been a strong family tradition for patriarch Carl J. T., his son Carl T. T. and his grandson Carl “Jake” T. And now, the trio can claim an additional commonality – Carl Jake T. just joined his Eagle Scout grandfather and father to be among the rare group who have earned Scouting’s highest rank.

The new Eagle’s dad says that means the Eagle Scout tradition extends across a total of ten men in the family. Patriarch Carl J. T. says their Scouting legacy began with his father, who joined the organization as a Boy Scout and later introduced him.

Since then, Scouting has remained an important family tradition and reminds the men to stay close. The three men even go on annual trips together to reconnect and utilize the skills they learned in the program. Most recently, the trio made the trek to Philmont Scout Ranch, a place the family’s patriarch fondly remembers visiting in 1952.

“It was just a great opportunity because we had trips once a month, and we could go out and do different things, and go to different places,” Carl T. T. said to the Daily Gazette. “I’m still an outdoorsman. For me it was a perfect opportunity to get out there, and continue getting out there and expose my son to things that I like.”

Although many years have passed since being Scouts themselves, Carl Jake’s dad and grandfather say the fundamentals of Scouting are what remain strong today.

“I just think its a great opportunity to teach young boys lots of important skills they may or not need depending on what the future holds,” Carl T. T. explained. “I learned a lot and of course with all of the different merit badges, like 120 different merit badges, there’s tons of different things you can use to pique your interest. Of course, with the younger generation now they have robotics, computers. Instead of map and compass, now it’s geocaching.”

Scouting provides a foundation for families to stand on, offering lifetime opportunities for Scouts young and young at heart. Learn more about how Scouting has been a cherished tradition to this family by reading the full story on the Daily Gazette.


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